Reorganizing content on home page affects SEO

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Hi, when I opened my shop I initially listed all the products on the home page.

As the number of products is growing, though, I decided to have categories (or collections) on the home page - by clicking on the category you would be redirected to a page with a list of products belonging to that category. 

I'm using Debut free theme and I plan to stick to it. 

I wonder if reshuffling the content on home page will affect my SEO?

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Hey Serena,

Cool site, 

You should be fine ;) 

On-page SEO is a little different for eCommerce sites than standard business sites. Just make sure you are mapping the correct keywords to the correct pages you want to rank. You mainly need to work on your off-page SEO for eCommerce. 

Categories will give a better user experience anyway. 

Any other questions, pop me across a cheeky email. 




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Hi Alasdair, thanks! 

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Adding to what Alsadair said - 

It will impact your SEO but in a postive way. If you are planning to add categories, it would mean that users would have a definite path towards discovery. This should ideally increase the average session duration on the website and average number of pageviews per session. Both the metrics, impact your overall SEO. As far as on page SEO is concerned, just ensure that you have your key categories covered up in the head and title tag. - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More
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More collection pages - more landing pages for Google to find and increased visibility.

We'd recommend strong keyword mapping accross the site to ensure you are aiming for good terms with good search volume, and then backing this up with offsite optimization.

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