Retargeting app dropped me due to less than 100 visitors a day?How do I get more traffic?

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Hi there,

I've been open since August of 2013 and "thought" I was building my business (slowly but surely).  Had to get a f/t 9-5 M-F to keep it open when things were looking dismal so my time hasn't been 100% available obviously but I've been able to update photos and buy new merchandise, better photos etc.  I did a whole new look to the site last year but still not much traffic.  Maybe I need advice about who I should be targeting?  Was advised to try Retargeting App but they dropped me due to less than 100 visitors daily and said it's not worth it without that much traffic.  Tried Facebook Ads, Instagram, AD Words Express (after this was unsuccessful and lots of $$ I called and they said I should use regular ADwords.  Too confusing! Mail Chimp seems to work but my list is only 35 people who agreed to marketing.  How do I grow my traffic?? Please help maybe I'm missing something??  Thanks SO much!  xo Mali

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Yes this happens unfortunately.

You got to have open the top of your funnel, so that retargeting actually works.

WAY 1: Instagram

I saw your products, really suitable for Instagram. Also saw you have 800+ followers on instagram. This can be a great source of acquisition for you.

Increase your traffic via Instagram. How? Use hashtags that drive you the maximum traffic. You can get these from an app called OrangeTwig. Check out their hashtag research tool.

WAY 2: Partnership

Find another brand like yours (but not a competitor) whose audience you can benefit from, and they from yours. Share your facebook pixel with them, and use theirs, so you are retargeting each others' audiences. This needs good partnership skills :)

WAY 3:

Retarget organically! Don't spend on ads until you have good enough traffic to have an audience to retarget. I can see you have a good social following. Retarget these people.

Share posts where you ask them to comment. Keep them engaged. Don't even create these posts; let OrangeTwig do it for you. And when someone comments on these posts, let OrangeTwig message them a special discount code automatically, that will motivate them to use it and convert into customers for you!

This tool - Sell on Messenger is coming out in another week! Signup for it now for early access and benefits. Here is how it's going to work:


All the best!


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Hi Malissa,

It's probably true that retargeting isn't a good fit for a site without much traffic: it's better as a method of increasing sales from your existing traffic.

It seems like you update your Facebook page regularly. Were your results with Facebook and Instagram ads really so bad that you gave up?

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Hi Malissa,

Sometimes people run only retargeting campaigns, and close their reach campaigns. This means they are just advertising to the same group of people, to a group that is not growing or getting refreshed. In fact it is diminishing as the Retargeting audience is also made of people who visited in the last 180, 90 or 30 days.

If by any chance you did this, then the drop in your traffic/impressions is not surprising at all.

Here are some targeting ideas -
Layer your audiences. Reach out to women only, of a certain age range, maybe even living in coastal areas (select relevant geos). Layer further, people interested in brands like yours, or in magazines you thik your target audience would use. I would test another audience with F, age, geo layering interested in yoga. Another interested in swimming. Another that is into everything bohemian + into Coachella and Burning Man. These are good to test, may stick of fail. I would also test older women, you never know if they are more in kaftans and tunics. Also layer all these with Purchase Behaviour: Shopping & Fashion (you will find some options like this). I am talking fb ads here.

I saw you have 1000+ Instagram followers, 500+ facebook followers. Also target these people, and get them to convert. Do this with OrangeTwig. This app will design hundreds of social media apps for your store in one go, and share these on social media as per a schedule. It will create layouts as shown below. People will see these, see your products and offers and potentially convert into customers!

All the best :)


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