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Hi, I want to be shown up on the first page whenever someone were to google "anime products", or "anime merchandise" if I wanted to land somewhere on the first page for those two key terms would I have to just add those words in my about us, faq, product descriptions, and anywhere I could add content? How can I find out exactly how hard it is to rank in that specific category and where I currently rank? How long would it take if I just updated everyday, and blogged daily, and added content daily to all social media links as well?

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Hi Chatcentral,

Would you like me to send you across a video analysis? going through your site, your market, and what it will take to get to page 1 for your keywords.

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You can consider setting up a blog to create unique content. Google loves unique content. If you can find valuable keywords, it can drive traffic to sell your product via your blog.

To see how hard to rank for a keyword, you can just google the keyword. See how the top 10 websites are optimized for this keyword, for example the website title, meta description, backlink for this page, etc. if the top 10 are well optimized, it will take long time to rank on the top 10 because it's very competitive. There is no exactly time as shown by google. 

Content marketing is a long term strategy. It's not within a 1 month and it's finished. But it can be scalable and beneficial to long term traffics. I have been practising for my blog for the last 7 years and my customers find me via google everyday. 

Btw You can try to our Shopify App - SEO Product Optimizer to do keyword research and keyword rank tracking for your store. 

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Hi there,

We provide a full SEO audit for free. You can check it out here:

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If you search for "anime products" Google will tell you that there are tens of millions of pages on the web that are releavent.To rank means you need to be better than all of them.

I suggest you forget that search term, and focus on more specific searches, with less competition, and more relevance to what you are selling.

Make sure your products have descriptive names and unique and intersting descriptions.Then you have a chance of ranking when people are searching for them, and then clinching the sale.

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There are some tools that will inform you the ranking difficulty on keywords- search on Google. As others have stated, I would start blogging. Try to expand and cover space. Blogging can help you achive that.


You have to be patient, just becasue you make changes and build content does not gurantee a spot on Google. There are a lot of things that Google takes into consideration. - Don't give up, your on the right track! Website looks great

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