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Hello everyone my site been up for several months now and there are no visitors I have tried Google ads the first 2 months didnt get me any where so now trying to work on my SEO and google webmaster tools not showing any keyword content of my site or any links etc any help is highly appreciated


You only have 3 anchor texts and they're not very good ones :(

You also have a very poor backlink profile

Since all your links are nofollow, they're doing nothing to boost your rankings, and the anchor texts that are used have no value in organic searches.

Here is a list of your top competitors in your industry

You can research them to find out what they're doing for their link buildilng strategy, and that will guide you on how to operate your SEO strategy as well. For example, has 222k+ backlinks. Knowing what these are can help you imitate them to rank for the right keywords and in the right places. If you'd like, I offer Shopify SEO Services and can do all this for you!

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