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Hi there :)


If you have duplicate pages in your shopify store, does this affect the ranking of your entire shopify store or does it only affect the ranking of the duplicate pages? 


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Hi @leamelissa ,


Iris here from the Social Care Team, thank you for reaching out to us.


This may affect the ranking of your SEO. Since we are not experts in SEO I would recommend you to contact a specialist. It's possible to define certain pages to not be indexed or searched on Google, so if you have duplicates a good idea would be to not index them both. This help guide explains how to order search engines not to follow a specific page. While it is working with the API which is outside my realm of knowledge that should definitely point you in the right direction.


I hope this helps.



Iris | Social Care @ Shopify 
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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @leamelissa 


Having duplicate pages on your site can affect your site ranking and traffic as a whole. Some fixes for this are the following:


  1. 301 redirect
  2. Rel="canonical"
  3. Meta Robots Noindex
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Hey @leamelissa 


Duplicate content will likely impact the SEO at the page level. Essentially Google is forced to choose which of the multiple ranking URLs to show in the SERPs. As well, backlinks might point to a variety of pages when ideally they would point to a single page. 


You can read more about how to fix duplicate content issues in my Shopify SEO guide here:


Yes, if you have duplicate pages on your website then it can affect your website ranking in SERP and traffic also. I would like to suggest you go with Rel="canonical" (aka canonical tag) to fix the issue of duplication.

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Yes, it does.

Because it confused to Google. Google may be penalizing your website.

So, try to use unique titles. Titles are very useful to rank your website on Google. If you are using proper title and descriptions, sometimes without any backlink creation your website is rank in Google SERP.

You need a good seo app from shopify store. I recommend this one: SEO master

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It absolutely does, If you have duplicate pages it's almost boring to google and doesn't allow google to see your content as fresh, exciting and new. If all your content (here's an article about SEO content) is the same then it's not seeing your page as authoritative, educational and powerful. You need to expand your vocabulary and your site content to be more authoritative and different on each page. Provide back-links but not too many while educating your audience so that your see and google sees that you have really high quality content about your subject. Like any good site or professional this will be a huge difference from your site and content from being good and go to great. 


As mentioned in the answer above, here are three ways to solve your problem:

  1. 301 redirect
  2. Rel="canonical"
  3. Meta Robots Noindex

You can easily use "Broken Link Master" to solve your problem in the first way.

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This app also contains many very powerful features:

* Automatic Detect 404 Error Not Found Page
* Live Suggest Target URL from Your Site
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* Automated 301 Redirect
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Hope it helpful for you.

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For Venture theme, go to Product-card.liquid.

Search for the code below:

<a href="{{ product.url | within: collection }}" class="product-card">

Remove  | within: collection

So just {{ product.url }} remains