SEO Tag + Netsuite integration

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How important is the SEO Tag when we create items in Shopify? We are talking about setting up an integration to have the items created in netsuite and then come over to shopify. In the past, we were told that when you create an item in shopify it is absolutely crucial to create the seo tag the second you create the product. Can anyone provide any thoughts on this?

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@kristina1111 how are you doing?

Yes, the SEO tag is very important and useful not only for Shopify, but for everything that passes through online. Just as the name implies Search Engine Optimization, it helps your products and store to be rank on the search engine like Google... And boost your online visibility.

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Keywords show up in search questions that individuals enter in search engines. You can utilize online tools to get keyword ideas and discover how frequently a keyword is utilized in a search query. It's ideal to pick keywords that are explicit to your items and business, yet that show up regularly in look. Remember that the more traffic your keywords get, the more rivalry your store has in look, so your store probably won't be appeared close to the head of list items.

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If you really want to define the SEO Tags yourself and using information from NetSuite, for example, pricing int he Meta Description... I would create it in NetSuite and then pass that to Shopify. If you are not that specific on what you want to achieve with title and description tags, just let Shopify generate it once the product is created. You can always edit it.