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I have a question of when I should use H2 and H3 headings. Specifically the question is about how I should organize my blogs and which headings should be used. Mistakenly, I used H1 highlighting each topic in a paragraph but H1 should be used once which it is in a title. The question is Can I or Should I use h2 for better organization and SEO? If my question is still confusing, I will ask more specifically:


Let's say I have 3 blogs about How to Look Classy:

How to Look Classy part 1 

How to look Classy part 2 - White color

How to Look Classy part 3 - Colors


They are broken into 3 parts because the blogs are lengthy. So where H1 is used? In a title of each blog?

In the body of the blog I used "paragraph" which is correct but each blogs is broken different sections with a heading that has a separate point, so what I should use there? As I said, for the moment it's H1 which is wrong. Should I use H2?




Hello ,

  • HTML headings provide valuable information by highlighting important topics and the structure of the document, so optimize them carefully to improve user engagement.
  • Don't use headings to make your text look BIG or bold. Use them only for highlighting the heading of your document and to show the document structure.
  • Since search engines, such as Google, use headings to index the structure and content of the web pages so use them very wisely in your webpage.
  • Use the <h1> headings as main headings of your web page, followed by the <h2> headings, then the less important <h3> headings, and so on.

    Use the <h1> tag to mark the most important heading which is usually at the top of the page. An HTML document generally should have exactly one <h1> heading, followed by the lower-level headings such as <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, and so on.
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