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Hello, I worked really hard on researching the best seo titles for the product I am selling. It was hard because I am in the dog and cat niche but I did it for the most part. I would like to ask you to review all my titles and tell me if you think they sound acceptable. Also, if you see one that does not sound good please can you recommend an alternative SEO title. My site is:

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I checked your home page and your title is "Animal Trends", you have plenty more room for keywords there.

Titles generally should be up to 60 characters, most important keywords to the front, and also crafted in a way to make them more clickable, since the title shows up in the search results.

I also notice on product pages, you have " - Animal Trends" at the end of each title. I would remove that and focus on the keywords and describing the product.

Here's a good guide to help you out:

One more side note, consider using a .com domain instead of .shop.... a .com domain typically has more trust factor.

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