SEO help on site so confused!!!!

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Hi I have had my site live now for a few months, some of my products Googled first page, i.e. Samshield Iconpack, then I disappeared from the search results. I worked on content and I reappeared on page 1 but now I have disappeared again. It has happened with many of my products. I don't understant where to put my keywords, not sure what the page title should be and not sure what the SEO title should be. If someone could please look at my site and see if I have made critical SEO errors I would truly appreciate any help.

thank you so much"""""

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The first thing I would do is register all the site variants with the Google Search Console and look at those reports to see if there are any issues, and to get more details about how your content is truely ranking.

And watch out for personalisation. You may be seeing yourself rank because Google knows you keep going to your website. The search console will indicate that by showing you only ever getting a few impressions for the term, even when you think you are ranking.

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Hello Nancy,

Matt here from the Guru Team! :) I agree with Tony's advice for sure but wanted to share extra info on SEO too to help out just in case! :-)

Here is that information on SEO:

  • SEO Documents
  • SEO Apps - These apps will help squeeze even more SEO juice out of your store!
  • Hootsuite - Start blogging on different platforms, blogging boosts your ranking like crazy, use hootsuite to blog from all platforms at once!
  • G+Business - Get one of these accounts and ask for past customers to review your business, the more reviews, the higher your ranking!
  • SEO Guides - SEO tips from an industry expert

I hope this helps and you have an excellent day! :-D