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Hello guy's,

Does anyone know if there is anyone like a shopify expert located in Australia that can give my store the once over for a good price?

The store is only new and it has got SEO issues I think. I would like to fast-track the SEO potential issues so I don't have to bust my nut over it, allowing me to learn how to manage SEO's progressively.

I did install SEO doctor and another SEO app which the name of eludes me at the moment...anyway SEO doctor quoted me a one time price for 50+ products but they are based in the USA and the exchange rate makes it considerably more expensive.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Regards Jason

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Jason,

Tomas from the Shopify Guru team here!

You mentioned you were looking for someone like a Shopify Expert but have you had a look at our list of Shopify Experts based in Australia? I'm sure you can find a good match with one of the Experts there and have your SEO optimised in no time at all Jason!

I hope you find this helpful!

Tomas W


Hi Jason,

Am an Australian and Shopify SEO Expert. You can reach out to me or follow my SEO guide I just published. Shopify 2 days ago tweeted it. Has over 100 tips in it and the most comprehensive (that I know) on the topic of Shopify SEO:

Run Google Shopping ads? Get the free definitive guide to Google Shopping for Shopify (no optin required):
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Hi Jason, you should reach out to seodoctor, they're amazing at SEO,

SEO Doctor App (
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 they're amazing at SEO

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Hi Jason,

I know this is old, but I figured people might still have the questions about SEO. We've had success in ranking locally several of our real estate clients and we do not use the Drupal module. We've read good things, but have found Yoast, targeting our keywords, and having active content as sufficient to rank high. Some tips, try to create a blog for your agent so that they can constantly have new content on their site. We like to link this content with their social media accounts. Be sure to have your keywords in your H1 and H2 headings, and first paragraph. Lastly, try to target an even more local area than a city, since most people are looking for a certain area within the city. Maybe use a certain neighborhood or suburb as your keyword.

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