SEO is more confusing than i thought

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I think you should start with SEO on blog pages. Here is some of my step that you can apply:

  • Deeply research your customer and find their problem, then write blogs about these problems. The mistake of many store owner and also marketer is not caring about researching the customer. When you understand your customer clearly, you can think of other ways to drive low cost traffic to your store

Research your customer carefully

  • Yes, now you have some topic to work on. Think of some keyword that relates to the topic, you can just let Google suggest you
  • After that, you can open Google Keyword Planner (hope you have an Adwords account), type in one or two keywords and Google will show you some of other keywords that people also search (and also the search volume)

Use Google Suggestion or Google Keyword planner to have keyword idea

  • Avoid writing about a topic that so many people write about. For example, you sell cameras, you choose the keyword "Best camera", but in fact, there are so many people have written about it so that you will have little chance to show up on the first page. You can choose "Best camera review" or "Best low price camera". Remember to check the search volume of these keywords to make sure people do search for it

Avoid choosing too general keyword, make sure people search your keyword

  • Now start writing. Make sure you mention the keyword in title, heading, sub-heading and paragraph (but not too much, that may be annoying). You can also insert Youtube video on it so that people with remain on your blog longer (the longer they stay, the higher chance you can show up on home page)

Include keyword in heading and paragraph. Make people remain longer

  • Distribute the blog. Only when you have traffic, Google start index you. You can drive traffic using forum/social sharing or advertising. There are many ways to drive low cost traffic.

The time I spend for this:

  • Research about the customer: 1 - 2 months. After that, you don't have to do it so often again
  • Research about the topic: 1 day
  • Writing & recheck: 1 day
  • Distribute & drive traffic: 5 days

My blog is in the top 5 of the first Google page in 1 weeks. Hope it helps :)

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I was going to take a look at the site and give you a little more specific advice, but the site appears to be down as I am writing this. Currently you have 3 backlinks from 2 referring domains according to the AHREFS tool. 

There has been lot of good advice mixed with some people trying to sell their stuff. It's hard to ask a question like this and know who to trust. 

As far as Backlinks and Content I agree with one user that Brian Dean is the authority. He is highly touted and is one of the most transparent experts on the subject of Backlinks - online. His website is . 

When you consider that keywords around SEO are the most competitive and hard to rank for online (because all SEOs are competing against each other - the experts) Brian Dean is impressive. 

His site ranks #1-#3 for:

keyword research, youtube seo, on page seo, linkbuilding, google ranking factors, and much more.


I am more than happy to give you an assessment if you email me  . Or if anyone else is interested, send specific questions (the more advanced the better) to me. Give me a couple days to get back - as I have client work ongoing.

Quick background on me: 

I have been building/optimizing ecommerce sites since 2003

I led the Digital Marketing team for a Fortune 100 company for the last 3 years

I worked side by side with an eCommerce SaaS platform team

I have built and flipped many of my own sites after ranking them since '03.

I just started building a new hobby site on Shopify and am having fun with it.


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I bought SEO From this company   last month

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I've always found Brian Dean and Neil Patel's resources on SEO extremely helpful.

Brian Dean's site is at and Neil Patel's is at

If you're completely new to the topic, our blog post on simple ways to increase visibility in Google may also be of help:

Moz's beginner's guide to SEO is also really good.


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I just recieved an email from Shopify to help out on this post.  The link is dead.  But SEO is going to be hard for most Shopify people unless your a local business with a store front or a local service business. A better way to market your Shopify store is to build email lists through effective landing pages and using Google Adwords effectively.


SEO experts are experts for a reason, because there is quite a bit that goes into SEO and to get the results that you're looking for.  But, when talking about SEO....and we'll assume you're most interested in Google traffic....its important to know the heart of how Google's system works to judge what pages are most relevant for certain searches.  The Good news is, that is not crazy difficult to understand.


Google looks at searches like "blue pants with pink stripes" and looks for pages that are considered relevant to that.  The way they do that is the magic.....let's say I have a blog about great pants...and I'm writing a post about pants and then as I'm writing I make the text like this:


You totally need to go buy blue pants with pink stripes, because that's the best!


And then let's say I know you sell blue pants with pink instead of leaving that as text....I turn the "blue pants with pink stripes" a it would be something like this:


You totally need to go buy <start-linked-text>blue pants with pink stripes<end-linked-text>, because that's the best!


So...what Google does and crawls the web and them jumps from link to it would jump from a link with the key phrase "blue pants with pink stripes"  to your page selling blue pants with pink stripes.  When Google does that, it marks down a vote for your page.....saying that it's relevant for that key phrase.  If you have 10 sites all linking to your page with the same key phrase, you have 10 votes.


So...when somebody searches on Google....they look at all the pages that have votes for that keyphrase...and show the one with the most votes higher than others....and of course it's also making sure that the content on the page is also relevant for the search.


Again, as I said...that is the foundation of how Google works.  There is certainly more, which is why SEO experts are important and paid....but that foundational knowledge will help guide you.


Now the question becomes, what do you do with that?  Well, create connections with other sites in order to get those links....and come up with a linking strategy of your own within your own site.


A great way of achieving this is through using a Shopify product question and answer app....which allows your customers to ask questions about your products right from your product page.   Then, in answering the questions....sometimes it makes the most sense as an answer to reference other products that can serve or better serve your customers.  When you do that, you can make the link text the title of the product....and then link to your product page.  This is how you can manage some internal link building naturally growing the amount of links over time you have going to your different products.  It's an ongoing process to build original content and great links....and that original content can also draw its own traffic.   For example, Answerbase powers product Q&A and they spawn new landing pages with that product q&a content...and that leads to results like this:



That makes sure when people are asking questions related to the products you're selling, you have good/original content in the results and you don't have to do much more than service your customers to get those results.


Hope this was helpful.




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