SEO issues with products on paginated pages - help!

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I launched this Shopify site about 7 months ago.

With their previous website, the client was consistently ranked #1 or #2 on all Industrial Seal Kit product number/name searches. For example, if someone searched for part “JD-P50883” on Google, they would have come up as #1 or #2, and currently with the new site they are low on page 2 of search results. It has lost them a huge amount of sales.

I have a feeling it has to do with the deep pagination.

HELP! Has anyone else faced this issue? Looking for any tips or insight you might have...

Thanks a million!

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Hi Ashley,

Is that part number a genuine one? The item I get when searched on their site is 4 cents? And when going through the Google link on page 2, takes me to a collection with nothing in.

When I search their site, this link pops up: