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Understanding Keywords

The term keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the most important words or group of words in your website content. Keywords play an essential role in the SEO process because search crawlers use them to index your website. Thus, it is essential you understand how to leverage your website keywords for your SEO process to be a success.

Focus on Limited Number of Keywords
If you have a new website that you would like to optimize, you should focus on one category of keywords such as SEO, SEO Hong Kong, online marketing, and SEO marketing. This will help your website to get indexed fast in the search engine and get ranked in these keywords better than the websites that do not focus on specific category keywords. Additionally, the SEO process for focused website are more easier than the websites that have wide range or keywords. When your website get ranked in specific keyword, you can move forward to focus on more keywords and so on.

Use Head Term Keywords
Head Terms refer to one- or two-word keywords such as “jobs,” “fish food,” and “mothers.” These Head Terms keywords are very common and are used frequently to describe a website category or product. While these keywords require massive SEO efforts to optimize, they do not guarantee you will have success, especially when your website is new on the Internet. This is because search engines display older websites and products that include this keyword before displaying yours. For example, if you search for the word “Photoshop,” you will notice that the first search results to appear are links from the product’s company, 
along with websites such as Wikipedia and large technology news websites. Thus, it is wise to think in terms of long keywords instead of hard-to-reach Head Terms.

Use Long Tail Terms
Long Tail Terms refer to search keywords that include more than one word, such as “free online jobs,” “fish types in the Red Sea,” and “free tips for new mothers.” Most users are trying to find specific information, so they do not type just one word in the query field and tend to include the important keywords in their search 
queries. Thus, the Long Tail Term keywords can be easier to target. While these keywords have fewer results than the Head Term keywords or the same search volume, your website has a better chance of appearing in search engines using Long Tail Term keywords. Building content that focuses on these keywords will help you improve your website traffic and rank over time.

Optimize Website Keywords
Keyword optimization is a slow, long-term process that requires time and effort in order to see a significant impact on your website. So, you have to focus on one keyword at a time, and once you finish optimizing some of your website content for this keyword, you can move on to another keyword. Keep in mind that you 
will get the best SEO results if you keep your keyword focus limited. If you are creating a new page on your website, you should use your keywords wisely, and focus each page on a specific keyword. For example, you can create an article for your website that talks about online business and include the keyword “online 
business tips” to get the page ranked for this keyword category.


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Thanks Mally for the great article.  I agree long tail key words are much easier to achieve.  If you have a new site, then I suggest only going after long tail keywords.  When I am trying to figure out what long tail keyword to go after, I usually try to think about our customers and think what key words are they searching for and how would they enter into a google search.


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Just so. One secondary benefit of targeting longtail keywords, I think, is that the very process of starting to differentiate yourself helps to sharpen your brand identity, and this innately helps to focus the rest of your marketing. 

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Long tail keywords is the most important factor to rank in serp and increase visitors on website.

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To understand SEO keywords better, you could also check the current Xovilichter SEO contest or keyword challenge. The first 20 ranks on will win some nice prices, therefore people need to optimize the fictive keyword Xovilichter. There is also this cool app that will help you to keep an eye on all occuring changes.

all the best,


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Researching keywords for website is very difficult task in SEO but online keyword tools help us to find it easily.   Google Keyword researching tool is very best tool to select a keywords for website.      

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hi, recently I've read this interesting article I think it might be helpful also for you, check this out! ;)

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To learn and find SEO keywords go through Google Keywords tools, here you will come to know different Keywords related to your business just put your domain and tool will suggest different keywords.

Go through:
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The long tail keyword is almost always the best strategy for new eCommerce stores especially in a competitive market. As you can see from the friendly dinosaur below targeting many long tail keywords adds up to a big piece of the SEO dinosaur.

A little tip that may help: If your site has been around for a while, say over 3 - 6 months then you will have some valuable keyword data in Google Webmaster Tools in the search queries section that can provide valuable info on keywords people are currently searching for and finding your site with. You can then go about guest posting and writing blog posts aimed at these keywords to provide you a ranking boost.

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Long tail keywords are good and easy to rank and if its with low competition it will more easy to make place on google page #1. so every one should focus on atleast 3 or 3+ phrase keywords. If site is eCommerce then this is very important cause main keywords there will be very tough  competition with already established portal.