SEO requirements for switching from subdomain to .com domain

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we will be switching from a website to the (.de is taken already) as we have been having some issues with gaining authority on the subdomain.

I want to target the .com to the local, German market audience. Is there anything I will have to consider to do apart from geo-localizing the traffic on google search console? Any adjustments, language tags or so I will have to include in the liquid files?

I want to get traction and organic results for the German market asap. Would be great to get some ideas/feedback on things I will have to consider when moving the site.

Thanks a lot.

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Google does not look at language tags. They work out language from the content.

Make sure your content clearly indicates that you are targetting Germany. 

Make sure you set up 301 redirects from the sub domain to the main domain in order to retain any authority it had gained.

You could look into adding Organization structured data, which includes the ability to specify the areas you server:

Though at this time I suspect it is not used by anyone.

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Many thanks for your reply, Tony!

I have now established two sites ( &, both targeted at different countries. The content on each site is in a different language, all setups on search console have been directed to each country respectively. I have had them both ranking decently on google until yesterday. Somehow one site completely vanished and is not ranking anymore. What could be the reason for this?

I am a bit confused. Is one 'cannibalizing' the other?

Do I need to include any other codes to make google know these are two different sites?

Many thanks!