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Are you kidding me? Let's understand the Shopify business model..............

You start a platform designed to make it easy for anyone to do ecommerce. Yet we have to hire a "Shopify Expert" if you need help with your site or want to make design changes to the available themes. Very nice concept...........The company blows up! Good for you...............bad for us your clients and I will tell you why:

1) You are so busy you can't even provide timely support to your clients. I have had this issue and I can't even get a request a call back option. 

2) Your "Shopify Experts" are not exactly experts. Your so big now, you can't screen your Experts due to the demand of your growth. 

3) We trust that you stand behind them and have screened these people when you attach your brand name to them - "Shopify" Experts

So all you have done, is provide the scumbags rip-off IT people another vehicle to rip off uneducated ecommerce businesses as long as they can qualify as a 'Shopify Expert."  Do you see the problem? You actually made it easier for them to get work as now due to your success they have so many more clients or victims to feed off. The sad thing is Shopify is not responsible? You hide behind the 3rd party excuse? It's your platform! We TRUST you Shopify...................why would you steer your clients to people who rip us off or create problems? 

The appearance is more like you can do ecommerce with one stop shopping! Not quite.............unless you have the simplest of sites then maybe. But if you get a IT person or Shopify Expert involved..........say your prayers! 


This company was hired on June 1, 2020 with a projected timeframe of 3 weeks. I went live without them on Nov 17th. No Responses to my countless emails and phone calls. 

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What is your post about?  I don't see any point

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If you don't see the point then that is the issue...............There are many points within the Post if you read between the lines or if you have ever had the unfortunate misfortune of being held "hostage" by an IT guy you hire and trust. I have been going through this process for 20 years and its never fun. BE FORWARNED ABOUT SOME "SHOPIFY EXPERTS"

Shopify Experts are NOT all experts to say the least! Look at the posts in here by many of clients who have been lied too, scammed and basically been taken advantage of by IT experts? Shopify has exploded and they simply can't keep up with the demand. So they have effectively created a feeding frenzy for shall we say, unscrupulous IT entities, who as long as they qualify as a "Shopify Expert" will have more business than ever before. Shopify doesn't benefit from Experts who are not Experts so I would strongly suggest they do something about this issue. It was the primary reason they formed their platform..........simplify the process to do ecommerce. People were afraid of the IT entities not doing ecommerce. It was the process of who you had to pay & trust to get started. 

It is a simple point.............We simply want to get what we pay for and trust the "experts" we hire to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Shopify advertises these entities as "Experts" for their Platform! The term "Shopify Experts" gives the impression that these are people that work for or at the very least are "trusted" by Shopify. If this is the case, someone in the department in charge of this area needs to have a job performance review. Do you think this is acceptable? Shopify get Experts to help your monthly subscribing clients so they can do ecommerce effectively! The more business we do the more money Shopify makes too. 

I am still trying to work thru my issues with my expert as now they are in fact reaching out to me. Its a step in the right direction and I am very hopeful I can resolve this issue amicably. Everyone deserves a chance to fix issues. I feel really sorry for all the other Shopify posts I have read about people simply about getting the services promised to them. I am certain their are some amazing companies in the Shopify Experts to work with...........these entities should be even more upset than us the clients as the bad apples are ruining this for them. It is a reflection of the IT industry and it should not be allowed. 


1) Get everything in writing! Scope of work, timeframe with deadlines, costs, payment schedule and like construction (change order costs?)

2) Do not pay more 50% upfront........I like 25%. And withhold at least 25% for completion. 

3) Make sure the people you are working with speak fluent and the proper language. Communication is the key to getting your design done correctly.

4) Design first in detail before you let them start. I strongly suggest wire frames even if hand drawn to get a better feel for how your website will work. Especially for newbies. 

5) Get your invoice sent to you thru SHOPIFY..........have them invoice your site so you have the invoice submitted thru Shopify. This was Shopify Advise to me

6) Keep all communication documented thru emails. Have a Zoom call........recap in writing to the Entity a summary of your meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page

In closing, Shopify is an awesome concept and site. Now, do or spend whatever is needed to get the circle of "Shopify Experts" to be truly Experts who can in fact help out your clients by providing what we need and a great experience in the process. Those "Experts" would experience a windfall of business in my opinion. 



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Hello Dear

Am sorry for your misfortune. Having an inexperienced person work for you is not the fault of Shopify nor the rest of the people. I will be offering to have a say on your project. What Is the issue, lets have an understandable talk. OK

Am a freelancer and I work on Fiverr a large freelancing network that offers wide and lots of varieties of services. This is what I can do as my best for you. I hope you can take a chill pill and contact me.