SOS! Conversion Tracking with AdWords

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Has anyone here been able to successfully track Adword conversions on their shopify store? Any suggestions/guidance that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am not the most tech savvy individual but I am trying to learn.

I'm trying to track the performance of my Adwords campaign to see how many conversions (transactions) I am getting. I have spoken with AdWords representatives and Shopify Gurus multiple times to try and set everything up, but one party does not know much about the other so I have never been able to get much help. 

I have linked my analytics account with my online store and I have followed google's directions to link my adwords conversion tracking code to my site. Sales have been coming in, but all the conversions metrics are at 0 leading me to believe that the conversion tracking is not set up properly. 

Thank you for your time guys!