Sale is a Rare Word to Me. Why?

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Over the past few weeks, I have been doing paid advertising both in facebook and AdWords. Traffic level is satisfactory but no sales. Am I missing something? feedback would be helpful.

My store ( )

Thanks in Advance

Tayeem Hasan
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You have a nice looking site.

I worked on increasing my instagram followers, what I have been using for the last 6 months is I went from 100 to 4000 followers and have seen an increase in my sales. You might want to give that a try it is well worth the monthly cost I have found.


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Hi Tayeem - your site looks great and your range of watches is very interesting  - not to mention affordable.

I know there are many people who can advise on traffic attraction and conversion far better than I, so I'll leave that to others, but It seems to me tthat you are lacking a clear brand proposition. A few observations:

When people arrive at your site, thay are met with a wide range of cool watches at very cheap prices (with many on sale). So what are you selling? Fun, disposable fashion? Amazingly, affordable quality? The ability to make a statement, or wear a watch that matches your mood everyday? What sets your watch portfolio apart? You talk about choice but what does that mean to a customer in terms of the benefits they get?   

As a prospect, I arrive on your site and see brand names that I'm not so familiar with, alternative designs and a low price point. I might feel uncomfortable taking a risk with so many new variables - unless you give me a very good reason to make the leap to purchase.

So all that to say - I think you need to put yourself in a customers shoes and speak to them directly, Be more upfront with a benefit driven proposition, help people 'interpret' what they are seeing on your website, feel good about it, and find clear reasons to buy.

As a prospect, I would also have concerns about quality too - given the price point.  Will my watch break down in a month? Will it keep going or just stop? So, what guarantees can you deliver up front (money back, no hassle returns, lifetime guarantee, immediate replacement etc)? How can you reassure me (your propect) that this is in fact an easy and comfortable choice to make, with no risk ?

Social proof is fantastically strong - can you add ratings on your site from happy customers? 

Your blog talks about EXPENSIVE watches - whereas you are selling stylish, value watches. There is a big disconnect here. Your blog should be consistent with your proposition celebrating a new kind of watch, fun, functional, innocvative, technologically advanced, stylish - and affordable!

I'd recommend too that you review your targeting. Is there a specific niche (related to your positioning) who you want to attractand you can hone in on? Who are they and what do they like to do? What other interests do they have? If you can narrow down your target (by demographic but more important by attitude, expectations and behaviors), you can target and retarget them more precisely especially on social platforms, and you can be present in the kinds of places they hang out.

And how do they search? Maybe there is a long tail of search terms that could help with SEO, and shape your PPC?

In any case wishing you good luck! 

Best J

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Do keyword reasearch around your niche and write content in your blog including these keywords.

You need better call to action. I recommend looking at conversion optimisation

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