Seeking Shopify Partner/Shopify Merchant "The American Music Award Marketing Opportunity"

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Hi just want to say I am not seeking to make money I am only looking possibly reach out to those who may be interested and to cover my cost of this project.


I hope I’m not reaching out to you too late to help or for others to have this opportunity. I was contacted by the marketing company that just got picked up to handle the program (play bill) for

The American Music Awards. They would like feature my website in their program. Full Page color in the “Red Carpet” section and products in 25 gift bags.  Most of the sponsors are huge companies and spend crazy amounts of money to be in the program since it is for the most part the only advertisement in the actual seating area and it is handed out to all of the music artist and other guest attending the event.

The found me through one of my older press releases and they from what I was told look for one new promising start up to be in the program as well. They discount the cost those they feature. The cost that I am trying to cover quickly is $3000 but I have to do this quickly. I should have reached out a couple of days ago but I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy or doing anything that would be remotely close to scamming but in any event because this is really unexpected I am trying to cover the $3000 and allow anyone who would like to go in the gift bags. There will be 25 total. The AMA they do not do the Guest Suites but the marketing company itself is giving two of the bags I know to Taylor Swift and Jlo the others to AMA execs. If this is of interest please respond quickly.