Set up Create An Account goal in Google Analytics without a /thankyou page

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Hello, I am working with an ecommerce business and I am trying to set up a Google Analytics goal for when new users set up an account.  I am new to Shopify as a platform.

To test the process, I registered for an account.  Instead of going to a /thankyou page I was taken straight to a /account page.  I don't want to set up the goal for /account because GA will record everytime a user accesses their account instead of setting up a new account.  Can anyone tell me how to set up a thank you page, or set up the GA goal without the thank you page?

Thanks very much in advance for your advice and tips.



Hi Michelle,

I don't have a solution, but will get you closer to one.

URLs post-account creation are not unique so you cannot use a destination URL to trigger the goal. The best way would be an event.

You'll want to look for a file in your theme like "customers/register.liquid". It corresponds to the URL /account/register. What's in your register liquid file will vary, but it can look something like: 

        {% form 'create_customer' %}
          {{ form.errors | default_errors }}

          <div id="first_name" class="clearfix large_form">
            <label for="first_name" class="login">{{ 'customer.register.first_name' | t }}</label>
            <input type="text" value="" name="customer[first_name]" id="first_name" class="large" size="30" />

          <div id="last_name" class="clearfix large_form">
            <label for="last_name" class="login">{{ 'customer.register.last_name' | t }}</label>
            <input type="text" value="" name="customer[last_name]" id="last_name" class="large" size="30" />

          <div id="email" class="clearfix large_form">
            <label for="email" class="login">{{ '' | t }}</label>
            <input type="email" value="" name="customer[email]" id="email" class="large" size="30" />

          <div id="password" class="clearfix large_form">
            <label for="password" class="login">{{ 'customer.register.password' | t }}</label>
            <input type="password" value="" name="customer[password]" id="password" class="large password" size="30" />

          <div class="action_bottom">
            <input class="btn action_button" type="submit" value="{{ 'customer.register.sign_up' | t }}" />

        {% endform %}

I know you shouldn't use an event on the submit button because a user can fail to register an account yet click the button. It needs to be for a successful form submission.

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