Setting up Google Shopping for two related stores one US one UK

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I've had my shopify store for three years now. I'm in the UK bur half my customers are in the USA so I've just set up  a second shopify store, with prices in USD, easy shipping and Americanised spellings. I now want to publish my US store inventory to Google shopping but can't decide if I should create a new and seperate Google account for this. Any advice welcomed! 



Hi Amanda,

Same parent domain so setup under the same Merchant Account. Makes it easier to manage under one house. Personally I wouldn't use a sub-domain like the US one from a marketing perspective because it is confusing and conflicting with the UK TLD. For the AdWords account, unless you want to keep the billing entities separate for accounting purposes, I would put under the same account. It's simple to structure a campaign around the different stores with campaign names and regional targeting.

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