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Hi All,

Could really do with some pointers about this in general, and struggling.

Basically we want to add some products to google merchant / shopping, and then add some google ads for them.

We've had some generic google ads setup for quite some time. They don't go directly to the products, but typically the collection pages - which seems to be the most logical way of using ads for us.

My friend has tried to add a product to a new collection (as a test), to get it verified and what not - however we're struggling with the following:

Shopping Campaign Details (i.e. custom labels)
Adwords Details

Most specifically the adwords details - what should be added for Google AdWords grouping and Google AdWords labels - as it doesn't let you proceed without some of this information, but I don't understand the link necessary between this and our adwords account.

Ideally there would be some kind of step by step process for setting all this up, but I'm struggling?

ANY help at all in this would be great. I'm pretty up to speed with normal google text ads, but this part with linking between shopify, google merchant and google adwords is really confusing me!

Thanks in advance!