Shopify - Google Tag Manager Course (Free on Youtube)

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Dear community, 

I'm pleased to announce that we have completed our Google Tag Manager(GTM) - Shopify course and published it in Youtube. It is a 1-hour course, totally focused on Shopify stores' data-analytics setup without using an app - 

It is not only actionable - but also instructive and aims to teach you essentials of data-analytics and GTM while taking some important actions for your Shopify store using Google Tag Manager.

By following the course, you will be to: 
- Learn the basics of GTM and how you can benefit,
- Add GTM container into your Shopify store, 
- Add a special dataLayer code to your checkout/order processing page, 
- Create GTM tags & variables & triggers 
- Set up Google Analytics 4 (including ecommerce tracking), 
- Set up Facebook Pixel global + purchase events, 
- Set up Google Ads conversion tracking
- and many others. 

I will leave the first video here as an embed - so that you can have an idea how it is structured and how it looks like: 

An important note: I'm a co-creator of Analyzify app ( However, the video series is NOT featuring Analyzify at all. It is solely prepared for store owner that wants to learn & use GTM and data-analytics on their own. 

You can ask me any questions on this topic. Happy to answer! 

Check out our free Shopify - Google Tag Manager Course on Youtube