Shopify default web page addresses not search friendly?

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I know that shopify default web page urls have anchor text making the url hierarchy not crawlable and therefore hindering search optimization.

Anyone know a work around other than the url redirect function? I may not be using the correct terms here so seaching in old forums and in their documentation wasn't helping.  

Example below is the url to my about page:

the /pages/ is what I'dl ike to edit out of the web page url. 



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Hey Eliza,

That part of the url is not something you can remove. The same goes for other resource urls like /product and /collection.

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I'd personaly say that if anything, it helps search engines understand it's a page, product or collection. 

It also helps you group content in Analytics. 

Text in a URL is a tiny factor for the search engines, and one extra word (that is relevant) will not influnece much.

And changing a URL has a bigger negative influence than anything you may gain from tweaking its text.

Google own SEO guide uses an example that includes a similar folder sturcture.

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