Shopify marketing analytics app in beta, free users wanted

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I'm polishing my Shopify marketing analytics app and am looking for some users to use it for free. In exchange, I will need your feedback. 

The app will show you which marketing channels are driving sales. It quickly and easily gives you a dashboard to see how many sales each drove, including giving partial credit for contributing to sales. It shows average order value, conversion rate and a pro-rated purchase amount from each channel. You can drill down to see the specific orders that came from a channel, and even see individual users browsing activity (including purchases).

This is all wrapped up in a regular app, so you are in complete control over installing/uninstalling/etc. It makes no visible changes to your store and doesn't conflict with any other apps.

I'm lookign for a handful of stores to help me test it out! Shoot me a note and we'll get it going quickly.