Should I use a Shopify Page or a Blog Post to target keywords with well written articles

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Hello guys


Wondering if you could offer some advice.


I have just started a new store. Plan is to write a load of good quality content targeting various search terms to try and get people to visit the site. I was wondering whether or not, for SEO and customer experience, it would be better to create new Pages targeting terms or if I should simply use the Blog? I would also like to mix in some affiliate links into these articles as well as potentially link to some products in my shop.


Any help would be much appreciated...



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Hi @tomwcohn,


Nick here from Shopify. Really good question! 


In terms of where the keywords are, on the website, whether they are on a page or a blog, it won't make too much of a difference with regards to the SEO itself. It will have a similar effect. My suggestion would be to use the blog though. The reason being is that it will organize your content for this much better and it will be much tidier. If you create a separate page each time, you also have to think about where to put the page on your website storefront, while with the blog you will have one place for this content. 


It is essentially up to you at the end of the day, but if it was me, I would tend to lean more towards using the blog in this scenario. Shopify has a great guide for how to edit the search engine listing for each blog post which you can see here.  You can link products and affiliate links into your blog posts should you wish to do that also, so there is no need to worry about that either. 


I hope this helps!


All the best, Nick

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I agree with Nick - I'd also add that a blog post will give you an option for the readers to leave a comment, which sends a positive signal to Google, that people are loving your content and are engaged enough to comment on it. So, keep the blog posts on a blog :) 

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Thanks very much for the well reasoned response. Super helpful