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I have searched a couple times for this issue and have seen it asked here in the past a few times but it doesn’t seem to have been answered other than to say to use the COMPARE price, which I don't think will be very effective for me.

I didn't think that this would ever be an issue but I guess I should've researched this among the many other things that I researched before starting work on my site. 

Is there an easy way to display your sales price to your customer on the website? 

My niche is very competitive and pricing changes regularly, sometimes daily and I also need to run sales or promotions regularly when I can.  It could be possible that my website may have 4,000 to 5,000 variants on it within a years’ time.  I'm not sure how many products or listings that it will be but the variants will easily grow to that number, if not higher.  And the variant that is used most often is usually SIZE (amount), so unfortunately all the variants are priced differently.

With a niche that is competitive, I have always thought it is always better to display your sale pricing so that your customer does not have to get out a calculator to calculate every item or have to put it in their shopping cart and then check it.  I don't feel that customers want to do that, especially if they're buying multiple products.

I know for me, when I am buying something online it better be easy.  If it's not, I'm out of there and onto the site that makes it easy for me.  I will X close out a site in a New York minute if it starts to make things difficult for me and I am sure that a lot of you, if not most of you are the same way.  We all love convenience.

I do not think that I will have time to change every price in my storefront once a week and then back once the sale is over.  I have seen a lot of sites that do it like the image I am going to upload below.  I will attach the image URL here in case the site has difficulty displaying it:

Does anybody know how to do this or can anyone suggest an app that will do this for me?  I would like it to change the price but it would be nice if it would say sale price or something like that.  If the sale only runs for four or five days then it goes back to the regular price, so that is the issue I am stuck with.  The amount of time and work necessary to do it manually using the COMPARE feature seems to be too much.

I welcome anybody to share their point of view on this and if you have a different way you deal with it or if you prefer the way it currently works please say so and share why.  Is there something that I am not seeing or am I making things too difficult?  Maybe you will change my mind on things.  I'm doubtful, but I am committed to being open-minded throughout this process.  Thanks in advance everyone for sharing any ideas or viewpoints on this and sorry for such a long post.

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Best Regards, Derek