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@pinkslateboutiq wrote:

I actually figured it out! Needed to add http:// before the social media sites! 

Ah, there you go. You beat me to it. Haha. 


Great to hear you got this sorted. 🙂

Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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@pinkslateboutiq wrote:

I actually figured it out! Needed to add http:// before the social media sites! 

Hi PinkSlate! 

Your store still has a lot of room for improvement to stand any chance of making profitable sales. A few social media links is not the solution to this. Hope this helps!




Hey @pinkslateboutiq here are some suggestions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site, hope they help you get more traffic from Google.


Increase your descriptions text to include more information


As an example your product "A Rare Gem Ring" has only 61 words (331 characters), you can add more information on your content to increase your change of getting free search engines traffic. For example you can write about what type of stone it is and information on why that Gem is rare. Check out this article.


Add a link to a related collection on your product page


You can take advantage of your product description and add a link to a related collection, for example Rare Gem Rings, so people can see other options if not interested in that one, and send search engines to see that related content.


Remove the Powered By Shopify link on your footer


Or you can make it a nofollow link, this is just to remove some of the link juice from going out from each of your page.


Write content related to the products / collections you have


And then add links to your most popular products / collections in that content using relevant keywords. You can take advantage of Google suggestions for other keyword ideas to write content about.


Use titles that include keywords and take advantage of long term keywords


When doing your product page, think about what people will search for, for example instead of "The Perfect Cover Up" for your product, add some keyword like "black kimono" to your title, making it something like "The Perfect Cover Up - Black Kimono. And then on your content add related keywords to that search intent. Take advantage of Google Search Console and Google Search to get some ideas.


Keep on improving


Slowly work on all of this on each page, so that your traffic from search engines grows.


Good luck!


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Thank you so much for these suggestions! I'll definitely work on implementing some of these!
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Great, good luck with your site!



Pablo R.

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