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Hello everyone,

My website with Shopify isn't really showing up on google very well. (when searching "Romanza Jewelry") At first, it really wouldn't show up at all but eventually, I was able to get it up there but it only shows up on the second page of the google search.


None of my products show up on google when searching. I have scheduled crawls and my sitemap is up to date on google. This is very frustrating. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

Thank you

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Hey Silke,

So basically when you type in that search, im based in UK so it will appear a little different, but looks like you are up against lots of authority sites for that term, kmart, etsy, sears. 

I looked on ahrefs, and you have no backlink pointing to your store theming it for romanza jewelry, So you lack any domain authority. Having to keywords in the domain is the only thing that helping you at the moment. 

There is actually someone already called Romanza Jewelry based in NY, so they are going to get all the credit as it is. 

My advice, create a google my business brand page, or location page if you want, just set it to that you serve customers not your address, this will help Google know you exist more. 


You need to build more social properties to help theme you site for your brand name. But there is also the issue that someone may have taken them, so use or to check what socials don't have your brand name being used. 

Next, you need to start building domain authority by building links to your homepage. I wrote a blog post a while back with 10 ways that are effective to build your Google rankings which you can check here

Your products are actually ranking within google for searches, but they are pages 4 - 9, this is because your site has no power or authority online.  

SEO is graft.. takes a lot of time, your sites around 7 months old, so you should have build up some trust, but because you haven't built any links or grew your online presence during that time, you just have zero credit in Googles eyes really. 

Hope that helps. 



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Dear Silke,

If you are still having problems, feel free to email us for a complimentary audit,

Kind regards

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Hey Silke! 

In addition to the advice given by Alasdair, I would also highly recommend increasing your site's PageSpeed scores. You're currently at 60 for mobile, and 35 for desktop. This is very low and will continue to drastically reduce your SEO ranking. 

I recently wrote a blog post for How to Increase Loading Speeds which outlines 5 steps you can take. 

Increase your PageSpeed scores, then resubmit your sitemap and continue to drive traffic to your site - you should start seeing an increase in your Google rankings over the next couple of weeks.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the help everyone!

I will be trying everything you have recommended to me soon