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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Our website has been up and running for 8 months and has only a handful of sales in that time and visitor numbers are now normally only in single figures

I try and put new items on daily which I post to Pinterest and depending on the item to Twitter and Facebook but it's obviously not doing any good.

Thing is being nearly 60 I've not grown up with social media so I'm not sure I'm doing it right so hoping someone can give me an idiots guide to getting these sites to work for me.

Unfortunately as sales have been so bad and bills still need to be paid we have very little money left to spend on advertising now and anything we do spend, if it doesn't bring any sales will hasten the day the site shuts up shop.




Thanks Brian
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Hi Ziggy!

That's a very interesting question, and one that gets asked a lot.  From afar, it may look like your posts on social media aren't doing any good, but I assure you they are!  At least some posts on Socail media are better than no posts at all :)

This blog post may help you:

How to Build A Massive Following on Instagram

The link itself pertains to Instagram, but some of it's practices can carry across multiple Social Media platforms.  I highly recommend Instagram, as it's primary focus is to share images.  In this way, your potential customers will be able to visually see your products.

I would recommend picking 1 or 2 platforms that you're really comfortable with, and focus on those, instead of overextending yourself across multiple platfforms.  It's better to do social marketing across fewer platforms very well, than do marketing across a plethora, poorly.

I've compiled some articles you may want to give a read through.  Many of these aim on improving SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) so that you can garner visitors from all over the web, and not just social media platforms

MOZ is very good.  It's a beginner's guide to SEO that goes over everything very clearly, and in a concise format.

Here is a link to Shopify's SEO documentation as well.  With some of these apps installed in your store, it will help improve SEO.  Our SEO guide can also be very helpful.  Finally, SEO videos may also help.  I myself find them easier to digest. :)

Because you mentioned Facebook, This Gude may help you with Facebook Content Marketing.

I hope that helps!  SEO and proper marketing can be difficult, but doing it organically definitely pays off in the end.

As always, if you need any further help, you can reply to this thread, or contact us through one of our Support Channels :)

- Jordan

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Ziggy, I think Jordan brought up a ton of great points, however for a little more perspective I think this blog post on a 5 free ways to market your ecommerce business might be helpful. Also, I would highly recommend joining some facebook groups that you can learn a ton from others going through the same thing you are here is a list of Facebook groups for eCommerce marketing.