Starting first facebook / instagram campaigns; any advice on my strategy?

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Thanks for posting! Facebook marketing has never been more important.

But there are misconceptions.

One is targeting. It’s a hot topic lately. Most people don't know that Facebook has such substantial information about its users.

The assumption when you get hit with an ad is that it must be based on basic demo information, i.e., college student, female, living in a certain city, etc.

But it’s so much more. There are tons of complex formulas unknown to us.

Lookalikes, for example, help ads reach people who are similar to those audiences that are already interested in a business. These audience could be based on purchases, people who added to cart, people who watched one of your videos for over three seconds, or people who have engaged on your ads, and so on.

And then there’s behavioral targeting. Let’s say you had a recent anniversary, donated money to specific charity, purchased an accessory, or bought a new console gaming system. This information is more than insight into specific things you like. Facebook is learning about you and making assumptions. People who go blind into digital advertising might not realize this.

Anyway, blogged about this in detail if you want more:

Good luck!

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