Starting first facebook / instagram campaigns; any advice on my strategy?

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Hello, first I would like to say I am brand new in this group and I can see many wonderful helpful people here as this is a true passion of mine. (Sorry for long message ahead of time)

I am planning to start to create my ad campaigns in the near future but wanted to make sure I am on the right path by doing so. Here is my plan if you have any suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it. 
- plan start 2 campaigns a week with $5 per day with 3 interests included (100K-500k reach). For a total of around 3-4 days. If I get any sales conversions I am trying to break those interest audiences down individually to see which performs the best. 
- if my targeted audience is converting well I plan to scale by 10% each 3 days. So $5 to $5.5 if that has positive ROI for 3 days then go to $6.05. Etc. Once I get enough data is to change my audience from my pixel of "view content" then "add to cart" then "purchases". As I realize that is long term to acquire that data and very targeted. 
Do I just set up custom conversations in my business manager for each of those events or stick to standard events?
- after those 3-4 days if neither or those products seem to work. Pick 2 new products and interest audiences and re try.

Some questions. Do you think $5 a day is enough? Can always scale up if you get some sales? How many interests do you believe is good to start with? As well as a good idea to group them together to start my campaign? Is 3 days enough time to cut my losses if the campaign is not converting?

Lastly any recommendations on a carrsoul or simple single image ads?

Any other advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am just starting out but want to have a strategy going forward!

My website is Feel free to DM me if you see any improvements or faults in my site. It very appreciated. Thanks so much!

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My biggest advice from someone who has spent almost 1million in Facebook ad spend is 'be stupid'. Don't follow this exact structure be very adaptable and try new things!

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Hi Jake:

$5 per day is absolutely not enough, you will not gather enough information about how to target your campaigns (most of the times is A/B testing, audience testing...) and just with that daily budget is not enough to see which way to go.

In my opinion you should start with a minimum budget of $10 at least.


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Hey Jake,

A few tips on your approach:

1. Expand your reach - 100k-500k seems targeted but is actually quite small and will inevitably take longer for you to determine whether or not the audience is effective. Facebook has 2 billion users, so don't be afraid if you're audiences are 1 million +. The ones I work with range from 1-7 million.

2. Increase Your Budget: $5 is just not enough for you to get meaningful data out of your campaigns. Increase to $10-$15 and grow it from there.

3. Focus on traffic early on - without any data in your pixel (since you are new), conversion ads may not be the best thing to focus on early on. Work on traffic to certain posts or direct to products, generate a couple of sales that way and then switch to conversion ads later on.


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Hey Jake,

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It depends what you sell. For Facebook to work i think it need to be a one of a kind. I stopped paying ads on FB. I sell Shoes, Sports, Camping. Hunting,  Military gear, and Flags. We spent over $5000 in 2015 and gave another try  with $3000 in 2016. With a $50 per day. To this day we have not had a single sale from a FB lead. ( A few Page likes and a lot of ad likes but nothing that counted as money) The free groups are the way to go to bring in local traffic. Online  we use Pinterest  by just pinning Free right from our website. This counts for 65% of our online sales and cost ZERO. (We havnt try the paid Pinterest ads yet but soming we are looking into) Again this is what didnt work for us. Goodluck   ad campaigns just didnt work for us.


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$5 a day is least for testing.  Run ads for different products or collections, test them out at $5 a day for a few days to see what kind of traction you get.  Facebook ads take time to optimize, I've wasted $1000's on new campaigns that I didnt give time to test at a lower budget before scaling.  

It looks like your dropshipping correct?

Run a test ad to your watch.  See if you can put together a profile for who would buy that watch and get some decent ad creative put together.  Test it out for $5 a day for a few days and see if you can make it convert.  If not, try a different ad or test a different product.

People above mentioning going broad with ads, thats good once you have a trained pixel.  In your case when you are first starting out, pick a narrow audience (200-500k) to season your pixel before going broader.

Hope that helps

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Hey Jake, 

Congrats on your first campaigns! Re: conversion optimized campaigns - keep in mind that Facebook recommends you have at least 15-25 conversions per adset per week - so $5 per day is likely too small to try conversion optimized. 

We've recently written a handful of blog posts that should be helpful for you as you start this journey.  

Facebook Remarketing 101:

Some advice on avoiding common (and expensive) Google Adwords mistakes:

We'll also be releasing a getting started on Facebook ads piece and a guide to creative on Facebook, so reach out @ if you'd like us to share when they are ready! 





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John Hawkins - Awesome, I am also advertising on many other sales channels as well. Trying to get the most exposure as possible. Pinterest was definetly a source I am just beginning on (Just set up my business account yesterday and configured everything yesterday). 

I would love to hear any suggestions you took to start advertising with Pinterest. Such as what worked great / what didnt work? Any additional Shopify apps (I was looking at Social Autopilot)? And how you would get started with my brand new store on Pinterest?

Feel free to DM me or message me as I am very interetested to learn further. Thanks again for your reply and assist. Very much appreciated!

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Trent English - 

For brand new campiagns would you suggest PPE ads? I have been doing alot of reach and to really target differnet small interests with PPE ads and then convert that "data" into WC for Add to Cart or Purchase. PPE shows social proof as well on the ad.

Just curious of some other approachs as I am slowing figuring out its all about trial and error to see what works best. Or would you go straight into conversion ads (ATC or Purchases) with a reach of 200-500K with targeted interests?

I am still building out my social media pages which could use many more likes, which is why PPE is nice, but then again that will always come in time I assume!

Sales is the bottom line.

Thanks so much.