Store Too "Busy"? Do I Need Reviews? Unsure Where To Go From Here

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Hey everyone!


So our store has only been open a week and we're already getting 60+ visitors a day (yay!) however no sales and several abandoned carts. Is my store too "busy"? I.e. having too many things going on at once? I really liked the limespot, it's helped people find great related/popular products but hate that they take three rows to do so. Would anybody be willing to take a gander at my store and help give a pointer in the right direction? 


(I do realize I need to work on SEO -- it's a work in progress and I'm terrible at it -_-)


Thank you everyone!

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Hi Megan

I looked at your store and you don't have any social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pintrest on your front page. You don't have an Instagram account, you need to sign up for one. Social media is a huge marketing and advertising arena to get your brand noticed. You should be posting to these social sites daily to get your product noticed. I have been using this site to increase my awareness on Instagram, I went from 100 to over 4000 in 6 months and have seen an incrase in traffic and sales. Hope this helps :)


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Hello Megan,

You need a logo.

If you need one you can fill out this form and we can get the process started for an affordable price.

Your shop looks great but it looks semi-fake without a logo.

I hope that helps.

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Hi Megan,

Beautiful looking store. Lots of sales on, prominently displayed. Nice.

I don't think your store is too busy. Three points:

1) I think trust is missing. I went to "About Us" and didn't even learn which country you are in. As a customer I would not want to pay, with no clue of where my money is going, and to whom?

2) Also I dont see any social channels connected. This really adds to trust too, and makes one feel that ok these people really exist, it is not just a floating webpage with fake images. Customers and people have commented on their social posts etc. It is a real thing.

3) And as you mentioned, share reviews and testimonials. Just auto-design them with OrangeTwig app, and share across all social media channels. Also auto-design engagement posts like 'Which dress do you like better - A or B?' or Tag a friend who'd rock this dress!

The posts will automatically have text, hashtags, links that lead people to your store. The images will be something like this (you can customise if you like):

Autodesign 100s of posts like this with OrangeTwig, and share on all channels... something no human being can manage to do by him/herself.

Note - Many apps post for you, but I don't knoq of any except OrangeTwig that DESIGN POSTS + SCHEDULE POSTS for you.

Ok, all the best! I like you store and it should work out for you.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you everyone! I've been working on social media but having..ah..technical difficulties. Facebook won't let me connect my store -- I've contacted them three times and no word, but they seem to be under the impression that I'm selling animals (?). Pinterest doesn't want to pull anything over either, saying I dont have them properly segmented I.e. by color etc. No matter how I set the colors, materials, what have says the same thing. Instagram..i simply haven't gotten there yet, but I will definitely quit putting it off! Thank you for the reinforcement!


You're definitely right about a logo, I'm terrible with those. I hoped I could get away with just the name approach as other bigger jewelry stores do. I guess not! We're on the road today, but I'll definitely check in to that!

I looked at orangetwig and was very interested, however it's pointless until I can get my social media issues ironed out haha. It's bookmarked though, I haven't forgotten ya'll:)

I will change my about page too when we get back. Thanks y'all! I really appreciate it!