Store not showing up in Google?

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Hi guys, my website has been active for about two weeks now. It's still not showing up in google for A1 Fight Gear.


Could anyone please help me with getting this on Google? I've seen it once at the bottom of page 1 but never again. At the moment, you can see our Facebook, Insta and Twitter pages but just not our website.

Thanks guys

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Sometimes Google gives a website a tesat boost to see if people like it. That might be why you ranked for a short while. 

Or that you are seeign personalised results. If you show interest in a website, then Google is more likely to show you content from it. To get cleaner results you need to go incognito (an option in most browsers), but your results will still be related to your location and which Google you use.

As you use a .com domain and the hosting is not in the UK, it's harder for Google to decide that you are actualy UK related. I suggest you verify it with the Google Search Console where you can specifically tell them that you are targeting the UK.

The term seems to not be too competitive. An exact match search (in quotes) shows only 1,000 pages, and you are on the top page. 

It's your brand name so over time Google should recognise that, and rank you higher. Maybe even give toy a knowedge box entry on the right hand side. You want to help Google along:

Mention your brand name in text on your home pages title, and in the content. Not just in the footer. Also mention your address, or make it a lot clearer that you and your customers are in the UK. Not just to help Google know who you are, but also your customers. Shout out the brand.

Have a page about your business brand. Mainly to give people a reason to trust you, but again it helps Google realise who you are. 

Create  a Google Brand Page. What better place to tell Google who you are:

Make sure you verify the page and have it linked to your website.

And find other reputable website to establish your brand on.

A more technical job is to add structured data to your website that formally defines who you are. This can increase the trust that they have correctly worked out who you are. A good starting point is here:

Technical SEO Consultant - Specialising in setting up Structured Data for Rich Snippets, Google Analytics for advanced reports and the Google Search Console for efficient crawling.

Hi Sean Cowie,

Just wait for sometime and you'll be there in google SERP for your brand name.

I agree with Tony's suggestion, Go to Google Webmaster Tools and select your targeted country.

I would suggest to start work on SEO as well on your website.


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Yes - missing an 'about us' page.


Hi Sean!:

You need to start working on SEO as soon as possible, i´ve checked your store at Google and it is shown at the bottom of the first page. 

On the other hand, if you get more visitors throught SEM, it will also helping you getting your store a good position in Google.

Check our free application of Google Adwords:

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Hi Sean, 

Most of the suggestions have been given above. I see you are missing a blog too. 
Blogs help with content which is good for SEO. I recommend you get a blog on your site and post frequently.

You can also install seodoctorapp to audit your site for all SEO issues.

If you need help improving your sites search presence you can email: grace[at]



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Two weeks?

I hate to be the one to break this to you but ranking takes time. Even for an assumed niche keyword like yours. Even an expertly detailed, SEO optimized site can take months to show up in the search results. We lauched a second shopify site for our designer brand name and went from 0 to literally #1 on google for that brand name in under 3 months. I thought that was about as fast as we could have hoped for. 

Learn all you can about SEO and make sure your site is optimized as much as you can. The work we did ealrier this year on our site started to show up this fall. With SEO and ranking you have to think in terms of months not weeks. Good luck. 



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If you want to bring up your store up on search engine than you should hire a SEO company for that.

SEO company can do all necessary things which can bring up your website on search engine.

They can do proper On-Page of your website which is very necessary and helpful according to search engine algorithms.

They can do keyword analysis for you.

They can create all off-page activities for your website to create backlinks.

So I recommend you to hire a seo company for your website.

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Two weeks a small time to get ranked. But if youe site is not showing up in Google search results, then it could be an issue with idexing as well.

You need to check whether all the pages of your website are indexed properly in leading search engines. If you are facing issues with indexing, refer to this post- The White hat guide to website Indexing. Quick tips that you can implement right away.

But, at the same time, focus on:

1) On page SEO (Technical SEO)

2) Blog (High quality content is still the king)

3) Bulding backlinks from authority sites.

Hope it helps :)


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Stop wasting your time pandering to Google or doing any of the stupid stuff that geeks and millenials suggest.

Go sell on Amazon.  Done deal.