Strong design and photography is only half the battle

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Hi folks,

I've been running my store for over a year now. As a designer/photographer I did everything myself which kept the overheads down, utilising the fantastic Parallax theme by the awesome folks at Outofthesandbox. Overall I've had a decent amount of sales, especially around Christmas, and although it's not enough to dedicate my full attention to the brand it's been enough to be encouraging. Rome wasn't built in a week and all that jazz. The feedback I've had with relation to my store has been great, and the products have been received well with 5 stars across the board. So what's the 

I'm here to talk about marketing. It is, in my opinion, the hardest aspect of running a business by yourself. I have the standard Social accounts, with a slow but steady growth in audience. I'm trying to create more content in my blog and link back to it through the social accounts. This is all done organically, with no sponsored posts, as I have a very limited budget for this and I felt that Facebook ads simply weren't very beneficial to me. Bye bye £50, hello 20 people who don't buy anything...

So aside from the constant grind of create and promote, is there anyone out there who, after looking at my store, could give some feedback or tips on what I could best spend my time on? I would love for my brand to become my full-time occupation, but at the moment, it seems so far away. And Shopify articles of 'Brand that makes $200,000 per week' are of very limited use to me.