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Hey there, 

I have the following issue: I am working with Search Console and I am getting a message that my website does not contain any structured data. I have set the as the prefered version. 

I see that this topic has been addresses a lot but I do not seem to find any solution on the previous posts. Anyone can help?

Cheers, Mathyas

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Your website has plenty of structured data.

Have you verified the correct domain.www and htps make a difference.

Are you looking at the structured data report. The rich card report is a different thing

Reports are typically about 3 days delayed


You have a lot of errors in your structured data, but thats something else to work on. Test your pages here:

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Hi Tony, 

Thank you for your reply. I have verified the http and the secure domain. On serch console I marked the https one as the preferred option. Also, I set up a 301 redirect from the 

On the strutucred data tool I can view the structured data. However, on search console, there is a notification that my website does not contain any structured data (This is the case for all of the properties). Do you know why is this case and how can I fix it?

Best, Mathyas

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Hello Tony,

I am very new to using forums here. I hope you will be able to read my message. I am going over structured data in search console and see that over 50 pages are showing the same errors:




I also checked this link:  and it doesn't show me these errors. I noticed that these pages are primarily our blog posts. Do I need to worry about it, if yes, how can we fix these errors?