Student Project 1 / Mid-term exam in Digital Marketing

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We are a group of three girls that are working on our first Student Project in Digital Marketing through Noroff Vocational School in Norway.


For our first Project, we have to do an analysis of a Company website. This includes a full report of Social Media, Branding, SEO etc. We are looking for a website with 8 pages or more, that is older than 6 months and in English of course. The website has to be an online shop or a Booking website.


For no payment, we are offering an analysis of your website - you can have a copy of the report afterwards if you'd like. Your company can get some free advice on using your website as a marketing tool, and we are getting some free experience, and get our Project done.


To be able to do this project, we need someone willing to give us limited access to/share their Google Analytics page, so that we can read and interpret the numbers.This is only for educational purposes and will not give us any insight in your confidential documents or company secrets. Limited access does not give us any opportunity to change anything, we will just be able to see and read the numbers.


This is how you share your analytics with others:


We have 14 days left till delivery and we really need a website to analyse.

Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Elin Andreassen,
Kathrine Myking and
Rebecca Olivia Svendsen.

Digital Marketing Students,
Noroff Vocational School.

Elin Andreassen


We are a team of digital marketers offer more than nine years of experiences in this field, as well as google partner.

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