Submitting Sitemap to Google

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Read my responses on this thread and give it a full 2 weeks before you start worrying about it. 

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FIXED!!!  For us the solution was simply to write a Blog so the Blog pages weren't empty.  The moment we did this and resubmitted our sitemap URL, Google Search Console went green and we saw page counts appear for our domain.


Since the sitemap.xml has four categories (products, pages, collections and blogs), you might want to verify you have at least one of each item to be sure empty sections aren't your problem.  


I didn't see anyone else talking about this as a fix, and we searched far and wide.  Hope this saves others some hair pullin' ...


Also to the Shopify programmers out there .... you might want to add some extra logic to hide the blogs sitemap page if it's empty.  I think you'll have a lot of people encounter this one and have no clue what to do since it's not an obvious fix.



It doesnt relfect quickly to google analytics...

it takes some time to fetch the sitemap...somtime it takes 48 hours or somtime one week too

i had same problem with my website sitemap  ...but its been fetch within a week