Surprise & Delight Gift with Purchase

Hello everyone,

I'd like to give qualifying customers a free gift with their purchase. However, I do not want the free gift to appear in the cart. I reviewed most of the Gift with Purchase apps and in all cases the gift appears in the cart.


I want this to be a true surprise and delight gift -- when the customer opens her package she'll see her free gift for the first time.


The 2 key requirement are:

- I need the free gift to be added to the order before it is exported to our fulfillment system. 

- The gift cannot appear in the shopping cart, order summary, or confirmation pages.


Does anyone know if this exists?

Thank you,


eCommerce Director | Straight Hemp
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Hi Bill,

This should be doable by modifying your cart and email templates. Will there be any qualifying criteria that a client has to meet? Or will every client receive a free gift? I also need to know how your order fulfilment system receives the order. Is it automated or does someone receive an email with the order details?