Thank You Page URL for use in MailChimp Segmentation

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Hi all - I'll start by saying if this isn't in the right place, this is my first question so I'm not sure how the forums work yet!

My ecommerce website has Responsive checkout set up so from what I can understand based on what I've read so far is that this is the URL when someone completes a checkout:

What I'm struggling with is while setting up an email automation in MailChimp to send to website visitors who did not complete a purchase (which is why I'm not just using "" as the URL) I understand that the ORDERID field changes with every new customer, so I'm not sure how to set this group of people up as a segment in MailChimp.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to set [Goal Activity] [does not contain] [CHECKOUT COMPLETE PAGE] as my segment?

Hope I provided enough info, thanks in advance!