The Best Third Party Email Subscription Tools

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Hello, Everyone! I am running my Wordpress based online store. There are many people signed up to my web store. I got their emails and listed them in my database. my web store is still not using any email subscription feature, and I have never used it before. I think the email database is useful if I make some automatic email notifications feature to them for each time any interesting promo or event held on my web store. Is any of you here have ever used the best email subscription tool?
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Hey Januar!

I'm from SmartrMail and we currently do an email collection popup and embedded form. From there you can use our automated product recommendation emails to send out new products or personalized recommendations at your set frequency.

Unfortunatley at the time we don't support WooCommerce but leave us an email on our website and we'll let you know when its ready in the early new year.

In the mean time, I hate to say it but Mailchimp is a great service if you're just starting out with e-commerce email marketing!

Josh Reyes -
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Hi Januar,

Email communication is good no doubt but what I would suggest you to try more effective way to keep your users up to date about your website events. In my opinion, Push Notification are gonna help you more.

Push Notification is a new communication method which enables you to push your message right away on your user's Computer/Android Screens even when they are not on your website. In this way, you can remind them about any event on Real Time before the actual event time and can do plenty of stuff to grow your web traffic.

Please see the attached image how your sent push message is gonna look like by your subscribers right on their screens :-)

I'm sure this will help you in increasing your revenue.

Thank you!