The Reason Your Ad Campaigns Suck

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It's because you're gambling..

I don't mean literally gambling, I mean that you're gambling with your ads.

We've all seen it, the dude on the slot machines that walked into the casino with $1,000 dollars, and is leaving with 25$..

Every time he pulled that lever he thought "this one is going to be the winner"..

This is what SO MANY of you are doing with your ad campaigns.. You're 'pulling the lever', hoping and praying that, "this ad will be the one that converts"..


This means you have NO STRATEGY.

It also leads me to believe 3 different things about your business...

1)You aren't making the money you hoped to be making..

2)You're spending way too much money on Ads

3)You don't have the freedom you envisioned for yourself

If any of that sounds like you, I want you to know that NONE of these things are the REAL PROBLEM.

The real problem is that you haven't implemented this 3 step process I'm going to show you..

This process is the EXACT SYSTEM that I've used and multiple clients of mine have used to create consistency in their income, have customers and leads FLOOD their site with traffic, and to have the FREEDOM that everybody wants when they start their business..

So let's dive into this..


STEP 1: Viral Outreach Roadmap

So to understand the VOR you have to first understand the wrong way of advertising...

See most of you that are running ads are using what I call 'normal content'...

Normal content is PUSHED OUT by paid traffic, so when you're running this you get a 1:1 ratio..

What that means is for every dollar you spend, you get a dollar worth of traffic.

Viral Outreach Roadmap utilizes viral content...

Viral Content is AMPLIFIED using paid traffic, meaning it is share-oriented and engineers movement. This results in having a 1:10, 1:20, or 1:30 ratio..

So for every dollar you spend you get $20, $30, $40, or $50+ worth of traffic.


STEP 2: Conversion Platform

This is the method we use to take viewers of the viral content and turn them into leads at a very high rate..

It's important to note this is NOT an opt-in

It's a special type of conversion device that leverages 'mob mentality' in order to get people to opt in.


STEP 3: Back-End Optimization

This is basically just watching KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and making any tweaks necessary to ensure that the Ad Campaigns being run are getting the best results possible.


Looking back at the past few years of my business... I've realized the times when I had the most growth haven't been when I bought a course, or read something, or paid a mentor...

It's been when I've gotten an outside perspective and had them pinpoint issues in my business that I didn't see.

It's easy to dig yourself into a hole when you're working IN your business becuase all you see is what's infront of you. 

But when you get an outside perspective, a 'birds eye view' they can see all the things that are going right, and ALL the things that are going wrong.. 

They give you clarity.


And that's what I'm wanting to do for a select few of you...

I set aside some time in my schedule for this week to talk to some of you about your business, get you dialed in, and get you some clarity..

So if that sounds like you, come book a free call with me here:

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Let's get you some clarity. 



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