The Wry Guys - Next steps for marketing/promotion?

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Hi All! 

We opened our store in April of this year ("The Wry Guys"), and it's our first venture in e-commerce. Our aim is to design amusing, quality, thought-provoking T-shirts for skeptical, liberty-minded, critical thinkers. [And, yes, that's not the pithiest of slogans, so we boiled it down to "Awry wit for today's sh*t" and "Irreverent Tees & more" :-) ]

Shopify store: 

Since our opening, we've done the following for marketing purposes: 

  1. Facebook:   
  3. SEO: We somewhat foolishly invested a significant sum in hiring an SEO specialist, and we recently had to suspend this effort due to the lack of results. (We now know SEO takes time, and may not be the most suitable tactic for our project, although, of course, we'll continue SEO with the Shopify store.) 
  4. Animated Videos 
  5. Banner Ads 
  6. Blog
  7. Customer Reviews 

QUESTION: When it comes to marketing, advertising, and promotion, there's an overwhelming number of options out there. We've pushed hard on this project for about a year now, spending both money and much of our spare time (this is a side venture for us). At this point, we need to determine what actions/strategies/tools would be the wisest use of our limited time. To put our venture on a sustainable footing, what cost-effective, time-efficient approaches would you recommend we pursue? 

Any suggestions, criticisms, and bad jokes are most welcome. Thanks for your consideration. 



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Hi Scott! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your Facebook and Instagram posts look great, you clearly have a strong and defined branding. What I recommend now is to set up an Influencer campaign, someone who can share your content on their profile and expose your great products to thousands of their followers. If done right and properly optimized, this kind of campaign can bring plenty of traffic to your store and build awareness of your brand, as the potential is there. Make sure to target influencers that have the type of followers who are interested in your products, so spend a lot of time researching their followers, engagement levels on their posts and then come up with the strategy. Best of luck!


Email me if you need help with your Influencer campaign!

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Maggie Tuczapska

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Hey Scott,

Loved your t-shirts for critical thinkers :)

I'd like to suggest just a few things:

Have you ever tried to encourage users to share on social their purchases or reviews? Learn about this here:

Also, it is not easy to read the reviews on your customer reviews page:   improve text-format, add borders, etc.

I don't see any reviews on t-shirt pages. Don't you think that the form is too long and distract customers? Consider something like this:

Good luck!


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