This will increase your sales by 30%

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Hello shopify marketers!

I want to share something I discovered recently that I hope some of you will find useful.

The thing is, there are over 400,000 shopify stores right now, but only about 5% of them are doing this properly.

And it's strange, because doing this can easily increase a store's revenues by 20-30% IN THE FIRST MONTH!

If your store does 50k a month, you can set this up and running and after just a month your store will do 70k monthly.


But what's more, it's absolutely free for your business! Because what you focus on with this method is not on buying new leads, which is expensive, but on making your current customers buy more, which is free!

Most shopify store owners aren't doing this and are losing A LOT of money!

It's email marketing.

All you do is hook an autoresponder up to your store and send a couple emails weekly, and the results you get from this are HUGE!

You literally just offer people who have already bought from you more stuff, and they will gladly take it because they trust in you and your products' quality.

Once again, it can easily increase your store's earnings by 20-30% in a month, after just a few hours of set up work.

You can find a lot of articles and courses on email marketing online so don't miss out on this.

Good luck! ;)

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Good article!

thanks for your share @alexsarzan

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Thanks for the great post, Alex!

You're absolutely right - email marketing is an integral part of any business to not only generate initial sales but to also build brand loyalty and awareness. This has a huge impact on Customer Retention, as well! 

Tools which help with this are email managers like, Privy or MailChimp as they work great in conjunction with rotating sales. Abandoned Cart Recovery is another great email tactic to recover potentially lost sales. By sending out one or more emails, it's been found that companies typically recover between 5% - 11% of otherwise lost sales.

Thanks again for bringing up a great tip, Alex ? 

Anders3 | Social Care @ Shopify
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Could you tell me how to do email marketing?

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I suggest we talk in private.

Add me on facebook:


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Please add me to facebook, I also need some help with marketing :)



Hi guys,

Interesting discussion. Email marketing was my first marketing channel back in 2007 when Mailchimp just was "green", now it grew up seriously.

With Email Marketing I would like to emphasize on communication between you and customers rather the direct sales. If you use Email marketing as the channel for informing about news / "inside shop updates", educating customers about the product or niche, it'll definitely boost in the trust to your shop.

And between education you could put the message with laetst promotions. It works well in my case :)


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Hi Tony,

Great advice!

What a lot of people do wrong with email marketing is focus on selling right away.

As you said, it's important to first build trust by providing value in form of education, and only then try to sell. This way customers are much more likely to purchase.

Thanks for contributing!

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Here's a little introduction:

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Email marketing should be used to add value (education, updates, info) predominantly as others have said, and then sell to targeted segments based on how they respond to your value offering. It's the old jab-jab-right-hook method.

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