Time Effective Ways to Drive Traffic and Build Presence

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Hello peeps!

I just launched only 1.5 months ago. As such, I have 0 visits and no sales.

I have Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook accounts.  Here is my issue: I have limited time (I have a full time job).  It is a ton of work updating each of these accounts. Also, I just do not enjoy spending hours updating social media sites.  I have installed Kit.  However, it is not able to help with these types of things.

Additionally, Facebook marekting requires a significant amount of overhead. Since, you have to drive traffic and engagement to the page and then redirect it to your store.  I cannot leverage current followers or family members from my personal social media accounts because they are non-existent (I am a more reality-based individual in case your are wondering)

What are some quick, easy, and time-effective ways to drive traffic and build web presence for someone who doesn't have a ton of time?

Thanks in advance!






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Facebook ads. ???

Instagram ads. ??

Pinterest ads.  ?

There are hundreds of strategies to leverage these effective traffic tools, but they all have one thing in common.

They can burn a hole in your pocket if you don't do them properly.?

Here's what I learned about Facebook and Instagram ads that I think you will find helpful.

1. Start with the low hanging fruit ?

There are two forms of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Prospecting and Retargeting.

Prospecting is reaching out to new customers


Retargeting is reachout to to website vistors who SHOULD BE CUSTOMERS (but have abandoned, etc)!

If I could go back in time, I would have spent more time with Retargeting in the early days (while learning).

I've had a TON of new customers come in from retargeting ads that I set up. Which made up for the other ineffective ads I had running..

You can create these through Facebook ads manager but creating audiences was overwhelming so I used a shopify app called Turbo Retargeting which has been awesome.

They have "campaign templates" which let you basically copy their really smart campaigns.

For prospecting, I've struggled a bit which is why I suggest starting with Retargeting.

I like Kit too, especially for prospecting but it takes a while for them to really understand your account.

So start with retargeting, train up your ad account and then tackle prosecting when you are ready and have done your research...

Which brings me to my next point:

2. Do Audience Research! ?

Audience research can make or break your campaigns!

There are BILLIONS of people on facebook and instagram.

Showing your ads to people who're irrelevant is a sure way to waste money.

There are many strategies to do audience research.

A tool called audience insights was great for me in the early days but my ultimate favorite is the "Creep method" that I learned about in a free Facebook/Instagram ads crash course. (I think it was lesson #2 or #3)

It's basically a quick way to identify targettable interests on Facebook and Instagram that helps you run better ads and target people who are INTERESTED IN YOUR PRODUCT!

That's the key..

Make sure you use smart interest, demographic and purchasing behaviors to reach the right people who will actually click and purchase!

I was making a ton of mistakes when it came to targeting and I saw a world of a difference in ROI when I made improvements on my targeting.

(Improving my ad designs also made a big improvement)

So do your research and don't be lazy here. Otherwise, you'll lose money.

3. Never stop learning! ?

As you may know, marketing is always changing.

It's hard to keep up.

But sometimes you just need to force yourself to sit down and study up.

There are so many resources out there to learn all marketing tools - Facebook, Instagram, Etc.

Shopify has a great blog and youtube is great too.

I'm no motivational speaker but if other people can learn facebook/instagram/pinterest ads, so can you!

The only reason you won't be able to learn them is if your unwilling to! ?

So start with the low hanging fruit!

Do Audience Research!

And never stop learning!

As an entrepreneur, you will never find an agency/other person that will understand your business better than you, so take the time, do your homework and be patient when learning these marketing tools.

It will pay off, trust me!

Success with these marketing platforms will come in due time and dillegence.

Good luck!


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Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for the tip! Coincidentally, I started an Google Ad yesterday. It is my first one. So, we’ll see how it goes.  As mentioned, I’ve done Facebook. Also, Instagram.

Thanks for your help!


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OMG, I've puked so much $ into Google ads it's crazy. Nothing. Then they hide some of the settings and charge you because you can't find the secret place to turn the "express" ads off.

I'd steer FAR FAR away from google ads.

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I'm also intested in this. We've got lots of products, image heavy, plenty of sales in shop, so I know our products are good. No traffic though. I'll have to look at Pollen, but it could easily be a $ sink, or worse, make customers feel shilled to.

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Reading the reviews for Pollen, I'm not impressed. I think things like this and google ad words might be fine to modify an already existing large customer base, but not to actually establish one, especially for a small business that doesn't really have thousands of dollars to just pour into the black hole of internet marketing.


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Nina, is www.swagbytes.com your shopify site? I get a DNS error trying to navigate there.

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Hi, you can try SEO Images All-in-One app. It adds a whole bunch of relevant keywords to your site by optimizing and renaming your product images. It even has an A.I. feature to generate even better keywords. Good luck!


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I own a Facebook ad agency, If you want to connect I can give you some pointers on how to drive some good quality traffic to your site from Facebook and help you out with some other things.  If you want to connect email me at jason@spotlightsocialllc.com.  I'll help you any way I can.  Before I built my agency I was in the same place.  I know how you feel.



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In order to make sales and bring traffic to your website, you need to be active on social media.