Time Effective Ways to Drive Traffic and Build Presence

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If you can setup perfect Google ads campaign then you need not spend more time. You will get huge sales automatically.

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Great question Nina!

I'm in the same boat, early days and not a single sale. I know part of the reason is SEO and getting in front of potential customers. 

My Shopify website is still very basic, https:objct.co/ - so I know I have a lot of work there.

But in the meantime, I am finding that the level of engagement I'm getting for each (Instagram) post is helping me know which images resonate with people the most, therefore are best for my website. Feedback loop.

Otherwise, the above posters know more than I. 

Go well!

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i think is  a question that include many aspects ,. Drive traffic with many ways , social network ,ads ,SEO etc ,i think first right now the content marketing is import ,you should know you niche market ,and build the web content well ,then should by video , picture ,or SEO ,Whatever to make as much as exposure as you can , Drive traffic is first step  ,but more is for converting transaction

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