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Hi everyone, I got kinda frustrated trying to write good product descriptions for my e-shop, so I built an AI description generator (I’m a software engineer in my day job). I thought it might be useful for others too so I put it up on a website to show what I mean:


What do you think? Any feedback? I only built it for women’s clothes for my store but I’m thinking of putting more time into it to make it work for other products too.

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This is pretty cool. I'm impressed by the AI generated text it sounds pretty normal.


I think this may be a good solution for startups, but I think ultimately that copywriting is worth investing in. AI is great, but every brand will have a different voice, and I think a human is needed to capture that voice.


A side idea: what if you used this same theme to have another option or a marketplace where people could submit a product link, then copywriters could write a description on that product - maybe it shows a preview and the user pays to get the whole thing, or the copywriter gets a star or something and gets put in contact with the submitter.


A way I could see this playing out is submitting a product into the system, coming back a week later to see previews of what people have written, then pick the winning one, then I would hire that person to write the descriptions for the rest of the products, descriptions, metas, etc.


Just tossing an idea in the hat 🎩

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Hi Jhypo - This is great and sounds pretty normal. I've been using a VA on Upwork for my product descriptions.

Working on generating revenue with Pinterest for my clients.

New technology are impressed me more and more. I will add it to my bookmarks!!!

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Could you build it based on the language of a specific brand? I have a company that writes A LOT of product descriptions. If we could use AI to write the more simple copy, I'd be really interested in that.

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Sure can! Dropping you a separate message and we can chat further on it.