Top strategies to increase organic traffic to your online store

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Shopify partner  (you need to have 5 sites) and some history to become a partner 

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VincentD said: 

I want to become a Shopify partner but it looks like Shopify only allows app that directly integrate with Shopify and not a stand-alone app

 The nature of shopify requires integration for apps to work, can you elaborate on this?

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Using web push notifications to bring back visitors.

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I like the idea of push notifications, will definitely be adding these!

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There's also free marketing options, like the Ads exchange app, catered specifically to drive traffic for online merchants. Check out the highly rated Ads app in the Shopify App Store



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All good info and thanks for everyone's input.  Doesn't seem like the title is being addressed?   What strategies are you using to increase organic traffic ? 

Whats working the best for you ? 

Facebook ? Blogs ? Back links? 

Content tied in with links ? What social site gives you the most authority with your links ? 

Where should you concentrate your keywords ? H1 tags ? Title ? Or content ?    

Would love to hear some feedback on this 




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Hi...but is this app useful for e-shops all over the world? I'm based in Italy...and also what does it mean the app can modify the settings in themes, tags etc...can it do it without my permission?

Thanks for your answer


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I had an interesting experience recently as a 'customer'. I was googling a furniture designer's name and it brought up a blog discussing the blogger's love for this designers work. The blog was on her Vintage fabric site. Discovering this site for me has led to several purchases but the particular blog that led to her site was unrelated to her product. She was simply discussing something perhaps one or two degrees removed from her product. The point is broadining blog topics has the potential to catch new customers in your net.

Furniture design ---> upholostry --> vintage fabric

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  • Create an infographic
    You can use an infographic to build links to your store. Infographics are great because they can easily get a lot of social shares. Also, you can use them to get links from great sources in your industry.
  • Epic blog post or page on your website
    Just like the infographic you can use a blog post to get links to your website. Both infographics and epic blog posts fall under content marketing. You can use similar marketing strategies to get your content out there and get links to your store.

OH! Why is building links important? Links are a ranking factor in Google's algorithm. That is why it is important to build and get a lot of links pointing to your store and help it rank organically.

  • As mentioned above in other responses, you also need to optimize your store with your keywords.
  • Use tools like Ahrefs to spy on your competitors and see where they are getting links and try and get links from similar and same sources.
  • Use MOZ to help optimize your SEO.
  • Use keyword tools to see what keywords your target audience is using to search for you and start ranking for them.
  • Build links, and more links, and more links :)
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1 0 0 Thanks for the info! I am checkng to integrate that app to my store. I have a question to further understand your item 4 in regards to Remarketing - does your app also show advertisments to people who have visited our store later down the track on say social media or another website or are the ads only shown on 



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