Tracking Convert Adwords, before payment page.

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Hello , I'm a week with difficulties in implementing and Do follow the google conversion . I saw that in Repport do Shopify , appears one conversion to announce but paid me on the screen AdWords shows that there was no conversion . Currently I am using Next no additional check-out code ... However it goes to external payment, I would like to send data to OS When clicked the button finish REQUEST. follows site in short As Total Price : Add conversion tracking not finish button , Before Go to Payment page .


Hi Daniela,

I may misunderstand your question so sorry if I get it wrong. I suggest you get a good clean Google Analytics then setup a goal for the page you want to trigger the conversion. You can view the "virtual page URLs" and anything else to set this up in the funnels section at:

From within AdWords, you could then import the analytics goal.

Hope I answered your question.

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