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Hello all, I am currently in the process of introducing GA to a client's Shopify store.

I am looking for a guide on how to track and analyse product views.

I currently have GA setup through Shopify and have set up GA to track as ecommerce.

My client sells several brands through the Shopify store, so would like to view a listing of the most popular/most viewed products site-wide, and if possible, sorted by 'Vendor'.

What is the best way to chart the most viewed products, and the most sold products?

Am I able to add Google Event Tracking code to the 'collection' template files to track clicks on products displayed in my collections? How can I associate the 'Vendor' with this tracked click?

In short, I am wanting to generate a weekly report of 'Top Sellers by Vendor' and 'Top Viewed by Vendor' is this possible?





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I would just use It's a great app and does all the hardwork for you.

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I use both GA and MB and I agree. MarketBrain will give you great insights.

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Heh! Thanks for the review guys - much appreciated!

COZ: MarketBrain doesn't have the vendor reports yet but the new version that is coming out this month / start of May (the ever-shifting deadline...) will.

If the Vendor reports is your main feature/requirement, then I'd recommend waiting until the next version is out. If, however, you need other sales reports too then by all means - SIGN UP!


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Thanks for the information, will look into MB and keep an eye out for the update. Keen to see what GA provides as a starter.

Cheers again, and keep up the good work.



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Yeah, these 2 apps above are quite good. I used MB for a time and I changed it with Popular Product on Your Store apps by Zestard Technologies so I think you should try it. It is a helpful assistant you all e-commerce store owners to increase your sales by displaying your most popular products of all time. With the help from Popular Products on Your Store, you can keep track of the most viewed and the most popular products through the graphical reports. Then, all your most viewed and popular products will be automatically shown in the popular product image slider. 

In addition, your customers can directly add the product from the image slider with “Add to cart” option. To help your customers understand more about the product, you can choose to show other page or popup within the page which will contain the description of the product. On top of that, Popular Products on Your Store enables you to customize the border, style, color, title, and subtitle of the image slider to make it suitable for your brand and your website. Create a comfortable experience for your customers and boost your sales as soon as possible by installing Popular Products on Your Store!

Highlight features: 

  • Provide graphical reports for Most Viewed & Popular Products
  • Customize the number of displayed products
  • Make changes in image slider title, subtitle, colors and layout
  • Enable page or popup about product description to be shown
  • Add products from image slider directly to the cart

You can get the app here.

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could you please help here how to add Google Event Tracking code to the 'collection' template files to track clicks on products displayed in my collections




Basically, you only set up once for a domain, then all pages within the domain will be tracked. It's just how you can track traffic and clicks to each page type.

Take a look at this article, they are practical tutorials on how to understand Google Analytics report correctly.

Once you understand how parameters work, you can easily track traffic to your collection pages.

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