Traffic Problems.. Need advice

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I launched my store few weeks ago and have used fb ads. The ads are pretty good i have heard, even there must be some issues with target audience.

I am nevertheless worried and frustrated as i am not getting visitors to my site, a number of page visitors is around 30 +/- a day and of course with such numbers there will not be sales.

Even as my message may seem like i am just one person with no patience of store results, that is not true. I am well aware that it takes time for the page to go viral, fb ads to optimize, people to go on your site and as well that statistics show that person must see the ad approximately 5-7 times before purchase. I do get pretty well engagement and link clicks etc with Fb and IG ads, but no sales.

<--- Regarding to that last comment i found very interesting article of how to generate traffic by FB ads more effective -

I am also putting effort on Quora and about to publish on LinkedIN and to do FB posts more frequently. The purpose of those is organic traffic as you all know. 

I studied and compared of Shopify apps and installed Checkout Boost and Sales Boost by Beeketing as well as Conversio. I am sure they will generate traffic over time, however they exactly do not generate "first-time traffic". By that i mean they focus on retargeting and customer behaviour on the store and they do it very well.

I am looking for some advice to spread the word and get visitors to my site more frequently.

Store is here, also any feedback from it is highly approved ->

Please, provide some advice and comments or anything that comes to your mind.

- Mark

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Hi Mark,
I am here for you.

First of all, please try to destroy and remove all Diseny Land popups and popup side-bars and bottom popup bars. No one cares about all this anymore... It's very annoying. Yes

Second please remove the Big transparent header which covers and hide most products from being well visible to clients.

* Advice: Never hear from disney land players that all this is helpful for your website or store, it's just killing visitors foucs and frustrated them by taking too much time loading.

Have you ever seen this at: Amazon? eBay? Walmart?

Big No... The use as simple as 123.


Regarding increasing sales issue

Relying to one source only isn't enough! Also your website is still has no Alexa rank, this means you need more hard work to do to make Spike Sales.

Marketing plan & Optimization Methods as follow:

  1. Create and submit New Video about your business.
  2. Social media submission.
  3. Guest posting submission.
  4. Press Release writing + submission.
  5. Citation optimization by submitting your business to local directories Listings.
  6. Product or Service promotion worldwide.
  7. Email Marketing submission.
  8. Genuine content writing for new posts or new pages.
  9. Influencer Marketing (Radio and podcast business mention).
  10. Building quality Backlinks for your website.

You can seek helpers from:


it's a long term run, but the results will be great. Hope this help :)

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Hey Mark,

When it comes to FB advertising, you can end up losing a lot of time and money if your audience targeting is incorrect. Sometimes you make a "gut" decision and it can backfire. 

For your advertising efforts, you should really take advantage of the Shopify App Store. There are plenty of Facebook advertising apps like Pollen ( that handle targeting, retargeting and prospecting for you so that you don't have to do the heavy lifting yourself. Seriously, make use of the App Store. It's your best friend here on Shopify! :)

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I see that there is a bug on your website. The logo is too big so it makes the menu too big and covers most of the screen. Look a little bit unprofessional. Customers also find it hard to complete purchasing. It's really bad customer experience, try to fix it. Other parts of the website is nice

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I am looking for some advice to spread the word and get visitors to my site more frequently.

I believe that facebook ad or quora... are just channels, there are a lot of other effective channels that you can take advantage of, to name a few:

  • Social/forum sharing
  • Social media/ Social group
  • Instagram influencer
  • Traffic partner
  • Blogger/Vlogger
  • Facebook remarketing (the blog that you are talking to)

Shopify also tells you about low-cost traffic. I suggest that you should start with low-cost traffic but with high quality. 

Let's imagine you have 10000 visitors with $100, in 1 month and get just 1 sale. So in the end, you spend $100 and 1 month for only 1 sale, it is not worth. So that I prefer quality-traffic with a low budget. I just read this article about how to drive quality traffic to your Shopify store with low cost (google search: low cost traffic for shopify store) and would love to share with you. It's all about analyzing customers and create good content. What I try to say is that you need to deeply research and understand your customers.

For example, your customers are looking for tech gear, what they are concerning, what is the friction that prevents them to buy... You have too little general information on your product page, that's not enough to persuade people to buy. Besides, you can write a blog post to review your product.

A 2-cent idea for you: For example, a campaign for earphone, people would wonder how cool it feels when putting on the earphone (insight - you need to research more about it). You can find the most popular music track recently (using trend), invite some Instagram/Facebook influencer (channel) to make a react video (content) about that track, but tell them to put on your earphone (product). After the video, here comes the sale message. You can dig deeper into this idea to have a real marketing campaign. Don't give up :)

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Thank you for your advice, i will definitely look them through :)

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Amy, i am well aware of the bug and it should be fixed right now. It was because the new logo and theme had errors in code edit, but i contacted the support and it has now far more better visual look. :)

Although it could be maybe a little bit bigger.

So you think otherwise the site does look nice and easy to browse?


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Mike, thank you for your answer and that campaign idea. I will look into it how i could create such :)

The article was great, i have to read it again and do some actions. 

Although i have one question regarding to product page info..

What kind of details i should add there? Such as why this single product is better and useful or what? Can you give some examples or product pages of other sites i could take a look as an example?

Best regards,


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Hi Mark,

Just browsed your web store and to be honest each time I visit your product page there is the sidebar show up letting me know about products bought together... It's a little bit annoying if I go to the 2nd, 3rd etc pages and see the same page.

Let me browse a little bit please :) then I can decide whether I find this product matches with other ones.

All the best,


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Looking at your stuff from the store I'm asking myself who will buy? I think glooking into Google Analytics and demographic tab might give you some information for targeting Facebook precisely.

Also, I've found that your homepage looks like the collection page. Why is that?